The term “rekey” is the process of removing the inner workings of a lock and replacing them so they will function with a different key cut. At the point a property has been rekeyed, the old key will no longer work.  Rekeying is a cost-effective way to change the keys and ensure the safety of your property, without installing all new locks and hardware.  iTech Locksmith offers a full range of re-key services for home and commercial application. 


Auto lockouts are an inconvenient and distressing mishap for a car owner. iTech Locksmith has the experience and the technology to get you back on the road in the event of a lockout, lost key, broken ignition or door lock, broken key, or failed transponder key. 


A homeowner can find themselves locked out of their home due to many unforeseen circumstances.  A lost or forgotten key, a broken key or lock, mischievous children or even pets can all leave you standing on your doorstep without a means of reentry.

When you are locked out of your home, we provide professional service to not only regain entry but also repair or replace faulty lock mechanisms.


Over time, lock mechanisms can become worn until they no longer work properly or provide adequate security. In addition to higher end locks, we can provide access control, closed camera systems and Master key system